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Supervisor Jason Baker
Water Department

The City of O'Neill boasts a state of the art water delivery system, five wells capable of delivering up to 7.8 million gallons a day. The Department also has a 750,000 gallon elevated storage tank. All of this is controlled by a centralized SCADA system. The miles of water main, wells and 200 plus fire hydrants are constantly maintained by a well trained crew of State Certified Operators. The Department also has a very active cross connection program coupled with constant monitoring for contaminates all kinds makes O'Neill's water among the best and safest in the State.

Current Residential and Commercial Rates
(Based on 1.0" or less meter size): $23.00/Month Service Fee + $2.00 per 1000 Gallons Usage

Sewer Department
The City of O'Neill boasts a state of the art activated sludge wastewater treatment system capable of treating up to 1.1 million gallons of wastewater per day. The treatment process also includes grit removal, primary and final clarification, ammonia removal as well as disinfection. Biosolids are stabilized by a 1.37 million gallon covered sludge lagoon and then land applied. Methane gas that is produced is brought back to the treatment plant for air scrubbing to eliminate any orders. Operators also maintain two lift stations, one located in the North and the other in the southern part of the City. All this is controlled by a centralized computer SCADA system. The Department services it's collection system with a truck mounted high pressure jet machine. The miles of sewer lines, manholes, lift stations as well as the treatment plants' operation and maintenance are overseen by a well-trained state certified crew.

Current Residential and Commercial Rates 
(Based on 1.0" or less meter size): $21.60/Month Service Fee + $3.00 per 1000 Gallons Usage **Sewer usage during summer months may be adjusted based on winter usage for Residential Accounts only*​

Flat Rates:

  • Residential - $89.00
  • Commercial - $99.00

Disconnect Notice Document


The City Water Commissioner shall have general supervision and control over the City Water System and shall be primarily responsible for its economic operation and prudent management. Included in the said water system shall be the water plant, the pump house, all machinery and appliances used in connection with producing and distributing water to inhabitants of the City. All actions, decisions and procedures of the Water Commissioner shall be subject to the general directives and control of the Governing Body.

The City Water Commissioner shall have the general control and supervisory authority over all employees of the Water System which the Governing Body may from time to time hire to operate and maintain the said system. Unless some other official is specifically designated, he/she shall collect all money received by the City on account of the said system of waterworks, and shall faithfully account for and pay over to the City Treasurer all such money collected in the name of the City and receive a receipt from the City Treasurer for the depository evidence of his/her faithful discharge of this duty. This receipt shall then be filed with the City Clerk, and the second copy shall be kept by the said Commissioner. He/she shall make a detailed report to the Governing Body at least once every six months of the condition of the said water system, of all mains, pipes, hydrants, reservoirs, and machinery and such improvements, repairs and extensions thereof as he/she may think proper. The report shall show the amount of receipts and expenditures on account thereof for the preceding six months. No money shall be expended for improvements, repairs or extensions of the said waterworks system except upon the recommendation of the Commissioner.

The Water Commissioner, who may be removed at any time by the Governing Body by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, shall provide a bond conditioned upon the faithful discharge of his/her duties which shall amount to not less than the amount set by resolution of the Governing Body and on file in the office of the City Clerk. The Water Commissioner shall perform such additional duties as may be prescribed by the Governing Body. (Ref. 17-107, 17-541, 17-543 RS Neb.)


The Sewer Commissioner shall have the immediate control and supervision over all the employees and property that make up the city sewer system, subject to the general control and directives of the Governing Body. He/she shall, when requested by the Mayor and City Council, make a detailed report to the Governing Body on the condition of the sewer system, and shall direct their attention to such improvements, repairs, extensions, additions and additional employees as he/she may believe are needed along with an estimate of the cost thereof. He/she shall have such other duties as the Governing Body may delegate to him/her. He/she shall issue permits for all connections to the city sewer system, and inspect and supervise all repairs made to the said system. In the absence of a specific appointment by the Mayor, the Water Commissioner is hereby designated to be the Sewer Commissioner. (Ref. 17-107 RS Neb.)

The City of O’Neill will publish notice if a water restriction becomes necessary.


November 25, 2002
Updated 3-22-13

Level One:
Daily water consumption reaches 4.0 MGD.
Voluntary use restrictions in force. 
Yard watering confined to the hours of 9 PM to 6 AM.
Watering must be controlled in such a manner as to prevent water from running in the street.

Level Two:
Daily water consumption reaches 4.8 MGD.
All outside water usage will be on a rotational basis.
Watering must be controlled in such a manner as to prevent water from running in the street.

Level Three:
Daily water consumption exceeds 4.8 MGD.
Pumping level exceeds average maximum of active well.
No outside water usage will be allowed.
Municipal watering suspended.
Routine hydrant flushing suspended.

Level Four:
Daily water consumption reaches 4.8 MGD.
Pumping level exceeds average maximum of active well.
Pumping level exceeds maximum of active well. (well pumping air)
Water system failure. (Mechanical failure of well or water main)
Municipal pool use suspended.
Commercial water restrictions will apply. 
Car and Truck washing suspended.
Motels - cleaning and laundry only. (no pool)
Restaurants - cleaning and dishwashing. (water by request)

NOTE: Schools, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, All Health Care Providers and Emergency Care Providers are exempt from Level Four water restrictions.
Level Three water restrictions only.

Jason Baker
Water/Sewer Commissioner


Pumping capacity = 5.98 MGD

*Well Pumping Levels:

80-1 53ft avg. 59ft max.**
91-1 132ft avg. 162ft max.**
92-1 145ft avg. 156ft max.**
00-1 147ft avg. 174ft max.**

*Based on 200ft screen depth.
**Based on 13 years of data.




City of O'Neill