"Nebraska's Irish Capital"

City of O'Neill

Quana Kelly​Elected 2019
4 Year Term



The City Council shall elect one of its own body each year who shall be styled the President of the Council, and who shall preside at all meetings of the City Council in the absence of the Mayor. In the absence of the Mayor, and the President of the Council, the City Council shall elect one of its own body to occupy his/her place temporarily, who shall be styled Acting President of the Council. Both the President of the Council and the Acting President of the Council, when occupying the position of the Mayor, shall have the same privileges as the other members of the City Council, and all acts of the President of the Council, or Acting President of the Council, while so acting, shall be as binding upon the City Council and upon the City as if done by the elected Mayor. (Ref. 17-148 RS Neb.) SECTION 1-103:


The members of the City Council shall be elected and serve for a four year term. The City Council shall be the legislative division of the City Government, and shall perform such duties and have such powers as may be authorized by law. The City Council shall maintain the peace, regulate business, protect the public health and safety, and assess such taxes and fees as are necessary and appropriate in the exercise of these functions. (Ref. 17-103, 17-104 RS Neb.)

Tim Gleason

Elected 2004
4 Year Term


Beth Walsh

Elected 2014
4 Year Term


Terri Krysl
​Elected 2002
4 Year Term


Ward III

Ward IV

Susie Kramer

Elected 2008
4 Year Term


Tim Schneider
​Elected 2006
4 Year Term


Ward II

Ward I

Kayla Burdick

Elected 2020 4 Year Term




Don Baker

Elected 1990
4 Year Term


City Council Members