May, 1889 through April, 1891
John McBride
May, 1891 through April, 1893
O.F. Biglin
May, 1893 through April, 1895
R.R. Dickson
May, 1895 through April, 1896
O.F. Biglin
May, 1896 through April 1897
H.E. Murphy
May, 1897 through April 1898
B.S. Gillespie
May, 1898 through April, 1899
C.L. Davis
May, 1899 through April, 1900
John A. Harmon
May, 1900 through April, 1903
Ed F. Gallagher
May, 1903 through April, 1905
J.S. Harrington
May, 1905 through April, 1906
D.A. Doyle
May, 1906 through April, 1909
Ed F. Gallagher
May, 1909 through April, 1914
O.F. Biglin
May, 1914 through April, 1915
T.V. Golden
May, 1915 through April, 1917
F.J. Dishner
May , 1917 through October, 1918
Edward H. Whelan
Nov., 1918 through April, 1919
P.D. Mullen
May, 1919 through April, 1920
Clyde King
May, 1920 through April, 1922
C.M. Daly
May, 1922 through April, 1926
J.P. Gilligan
May, 1926 through April, 1934
C.E. Stout
May, 1934 through April, 1938
John Kersenbrock
May, 1938 through April, 1940
H.E. Coyne
May, 1940 through April, 1946
John Kersenbrock
May, 1946 through April, 1948
F.J. Dishner
May, 1948 through April, 1950
H.E. Coyne
May, 1950 through May, 1954
J.E. Davis (Resigned)
June, 1954 through April, 1955
Emmet Crabb (Acting Mayor)
May, 1955 through April 1956
A. Marcellus
May, 1956 through April, 1964
D.C. Schaffer
May, 1964 through April, 1965
E. M. Gleeson (Acting Mayor)
May, 1965 through April 1968
E.M. Gleeson
May, 1968 through 1974
John J. Harrington
1974 - 1978
Randall Fitch
1978 - 1984
E.M. Gleeson
1984 - 1984
Wm. S. Mattern (Acting Mayor)
1984 - 1990
Lois Schaffer
1990 - 1994
Dennis Shannahan
1994 - 1995
Art Tibbetts
1995 - 1996
Betty Boyle (Acting Mayor)
1996 - 1998
Jack Hollenbeck
1998 - 1998
Wm. Price (Acting Mayor)
1998 - 2018
Wm. Price
2018 - PresentScott Menish

Mayor Scott Menish,

Elected 2018, 4 Year Term

The Mayor of the City shall have the general and immediate control over all property and officials, whether elected or appointed, of the City. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the City Council, and may vote when his/her vote shall be decisive and the Council is equally divided on any pending matter, legislation or transaction and the Mayor shall, for the purpose of such vote, be deemed to be a member of the Council. 

His/her signature must appear on the City Clerk's minutes of all meetings, and he/she must sign all resolutions which have been passed and warrants for the payment of money when ordered by the City Council; provided, any ordinance vetoed by the Mayor may be passed over his/her veto by a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the members of the City Council, but if the Mayor neglects or refuses to sign any ordinance, and returns it to the Council with his/her objections in writing at the next regular Council meeting, the same shall become a law without his/her signature. He/she shall from time to time communicate to the Council such information and recommendations as, in his/her opinion, may improve the City.

He/she may require at reasonable intervals any City official to exhibit his/her accounts and make reports to the Council on any subject pertaining to his/her office. He/she shall have the power to remit fines or pardon any offense arising under the ordinances of the City. He/she may remove at any time an appointed police officer of the City, subject to the provisions of Section 1-1504 herein.

His/her territorial authority shall extend over all places within five miles of the corporate limits of the City for the enforcement of any health ordinance, and one-half mile in all matters vested in him/her except taxation. He/she shall also have such other duties as the City Council may by resolution confer upon him/her, or in any other matters which the laws of the State of Nebraska repose in him/her. 

He/she shall be elected at the city election, and shall serve a four-year term of office. Any candidate for Mayor must have resided within the City for 40 days prior to filing for the said office and must in addition be a qualified taxpayer. (Ref. 17-110 through 17-115, 17-117 RS Neb.) (Amended by Ord. Nos. 455-A, 4/19/76; 550, 11/6/80)

City of O'Neill Mayor

"Nebraska's Irish Capital"

City of O'Neill