"Nebraska's Irish Capital"

City of O'Neill

Fire Chief - Roger Miller
Assistant Chief - Scott Menish
City Capt.  Kale Burdick
Rural Capt. Dale Waterman

Rescue Capt. Brian Jundt
Aerial Capt. Ryan Kelly
Training Capt. Andrew Huber
Ambulance Capt. Terry Miles

The City of O'Neill Fire Department, located at 401 E Fremont Street, is staffed by Fire Chief Roger Miller, 13 Fire Fighters, 16 EMT/Fire fighters an additional 7 EMT only certified members (36 total).  All operations and equipment are housed in one location. ​

Fire Equipment Includes:
0-1 City Pumper 1992 - Ford/Luverne 1250 GPM/500 gal Midship pumper command cab
0-2 Rural Pumper 1996  - Freightliner/Luverne 1000 GPM/750 Gal Cross Mount Pumper
0-3 Rescue 2020 - Freightliner/Heiman 250 GPM/400 Gal 4x4 Foam Pro Foam, Jaws Light Tower
0-4 Rural Tender 1992 - IHC/Luverne 6x6 150 GPM/2300 Gal Wildland/Tender
0-5 Rural Wildland 1983 - Chevy/CCUV 4x4 125 GPM/250 Gal
0-6 Rural Wildland 2008 - Stewart & Stevenson 6x6 150 GPM/800 Gal Foam Pro - Spray bars Fire Dept Built
0-7 Rural Wildland 2001 - Ram 4x4 150 GPM/300 Gal  Feld fire skid, AlumLine Flatbed Fire Dept Built
0-8 Rural Tender 2002 IHC Tandem 200 GPM/3500 Gal
0-10 Rural Pumper/Tender/Wildland 2003 IHC/Luverne 4x4 1000 GPM/1000 Gal  Pump & Roll
0-11 Rural Wildland  1994 - Stewart & Stevenson 4x4 250 GPM/500 Gal  Foam Pro Front Remote Monitor - Fire Dept Built
0-12 2001 - Ford Expedition 4x4 Command & Support
Gator - John Deere MGator 4x6  10 GPM/80 Gal High Pressure Foam
RZR Polaris MRZR Rescue Skid - Support
Aerial City  1972 - Ford / Smeal   65' 750 GPM
Light Tower Magnum 8 kw / Portable Light Tower 4x1500W

The City of O'Neill Fire Department is under an inter-local agreement with the Holt County Rural Fire District. Via this contract, the Fire Department responds to Approx 60+ fire/rescue calls per year and Approx 400 Ambulance calls per year within the 430 square mile district that circumference the City. The Department houses and maintains all apparatus owned by the City of O'Neill & Rural Fire District. All of the O'Neill Fire District's equipment stands ready for immediate response.
The O'Neill Fire Department is active within the Holt and Boyd County mutual aid system. Through this mutual aid association, the City is able to utilize additional equipment and extra manpower upon call.

Emergency Medical Services:
The O'Neill Ambulance Service provides a BLS (Basic Life Support) level of service.

The City of O'Neill Rural Fire District Ambulance Service is not restricted to 911 emergency response. Inter-county, inter-state and intra-state patient transfer is a daily routine. A separate fee is assessed for EMS service and all revenue collected becomes part of the department budget.

Ambulance Equipment Includes:

2007 Ford - Osage - Type III
2014 Chevy -  Arrow - Type III
2016 Chevy - Arrow - Type III

City of O'Neill & Rural Fire Department