City of O'Neill & Rural Fire Department

"Nebraska's Irish Capital"

City of O'Neill

Fire Chief - Dale Waterman Appointed 2011

The City of O'Neill Fire Department, located at 401 East Fremont Street, is staffed by Fire Chief Dale Waterman, 33 EMT/volunteer firefighters and an additional two EMT only certified members. All operations and equipment are housed in one location.

Fire Equipment Includes:

2002 LaVerne Rescue Mini-Pumper F550 4x 4
1995 LaVerne Freightliner 1250 GPM 1000 Gallon
1992 LaVerne Tanker 6 x 6 2300 Gallon
1991 L8000 LaVerne Pumper 1000 GPM 1000 Gallon
1982 F600 Tanker 1000 Gallon
1978 LaVerne Chevy 1 Ton Crash Truck Mini-Pumper
1978 Dodge Grass Rig 4 x 4
1972 F700 Smeal Ford 350 GPM Pump 1200 Gallon
1972 F750 Smeal Aerial 60 Ladder 1250 GPM Pump
1967 Jeep Grass Rig 4 x 4

The City of O'Neill Fire Department is under an inter-local agreement with the Holt County Rural Fire District. Via this contract, the Fire Department responds to all fire emergencies in the 98 square mile district that circumference the City. The Department houses and maintains all apparatus owned by the City of O'Neill & Rural Fire District. All of the O'Neill Fire District's equipment stands ready for immediate response.

The O'Neill Fire Department is active within the Holt and Boyd County mutual aid system. Through this mutual aid association, the City is able to utilize additional equipment and extra manpower upon call.

Emergency Medical Services:
The O'Neill Ambulance Service provides a BLS (Basic Life Support) level of service.

The City of O'Neill Rural Fire District Ambulance Service is not restricted to 911 emergency response. Inter-county, inter-state and intra-state patient transfer is a daily routine. A separate fee is assessed for EMS service and all revenue collected becomes part of the department budget.

Ambulance Equipment Includes:

2000 Road Rescue Ultramed Type III
1995 Medtec Type III
1993 Wheeled Coach Type III

The City Fire Chief shall be elected by the members of the Fire Department. He/she shall enforce all laws and ordinances covering the prevention of fires; the storage and use of explosives and flammable substances; the installation of fire alarm systems; the maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment; the regulation of fire escapes; and the inspection of all premises requiring adequate fire escapes. He/she shall within two days investigate the cause, origin and circumstances of fires arising within his/her jurisdiction.

He/she shall, on or before the first day in April and October of each year, cause the secretary to file with the City Clerk and the Clerk of the District Court a certified copy of the rolls of all members in good standing in their respective companies in order to obtain the exemptions provided by law. The Governing Body shall purchase Workmen's Compensation Insurance and a group term life insurance policy for each active Volunteer Fireman. Said life insurance policy shall provide a minimum of $10,000.00 for death from any cause to age 65 and shall, at the option of the individual fireman, be convertible to a permanent form of life insurance at age 65. He/she shall have the power during the time of a fire and for a period of 36 hours thereafter to arrest any suspected arsonist, or any person for hindering the department's efforts, conducting himself/herself in a noisy and disorderly manner, or who shall refuse to obey any lawful order by the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief.

The Fire Chief or his/her assistant in charge of operations at a fire may command the services of any person present at any fire in extinguishing the same or in the removal, and protection of property. Failure to obey such an order shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine. The Fire Chief shall have the right to enter at all reasonable hours into buildings, and upon all premises within his/her jurisdiction for the purpose of examining the same for fire hazards and related dangers. (Ref. 17-147, 17-505, 35-102, 35-108, 81-506, 81-512 RNeb.)